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Service Packages

Residential Security Service Packages

Interactive (I)- $25.99/mo

Wireless Alarm Communications

Wireless Signal Forwarding – Primary or Redundant – Enables wireless alarm signal communication to the central station as the primary or redundant signal path. No phone line or Internet connection is needed.

Wireless Two-Way Voice – In the event of an alarm, have a two-way conversation with the central station through the security panel so they can assess the situation and determine the appropriate response.

Crash & Smash Protection – exclusive and patented technology, enables alarm signal transmission to the Central Station even if the security system is destroyed or disabled by an intruder.

Daily Supervision - Monitor panel connectivity with signal supervision between the control panel and to know when a panel is not responding.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Remote Arming/Disarming – Arm/disarm system remotely via web or mobile apps.

System Status and Summary of Recent Activity – View an at-a-glance summary showing the current system status and any recent activity at the property via web or mobile apps.

User Code Management – Add/delete/edit user codes remotely, and track which users arm/disarm the system at what times. For systems with multiple partitions, choose which partition(s) each user code can access.

Searchable 60-Day Event History – Search a 60-day history of events reported by the system, including alarms and other activity, via web or mobile apps. Customize the time frame of the search, and filter by device or event type.

Multiple Permission-Based Web Logins – Create different “sub-users” for the account and grant varying levels of permissions for each user to view/change various settings in the online account.

Multiple Partition Support – For compatible Concord, NetworX and Neo control panels with multiple partitions, arm or disarm individual partitions via the web, add and assign new user codes to a specific set of partitions, see which sensors are in which partition, and filter the online event history by partition.

Multi-System Access – Access multiple security systems from a single account through a convenient drop-down menu in the online account and mobile apps.

Customized Notifications

Alarms – Receive email/text message notifications for any type of alarm reported by the security system. (These automated alarm alerts are in addition to and independent of the emergency response services provided by the central monitoring station.)

Arming/Disarming – Receive email/text message notifications when the security system is armed or disarmed.

System Events – Receive email/text message notifications for power failures, sensor tampers and malfunctions, panel low battery, and other types of system events.

No-Show Alerts – Receive email/text message notifications if a certain person did not disarm the security system during selected times on chosen days.

Arming Reminders – Receive email/text message notifications if the security system is not armed by a particular time on chosen days.

Geo-Services – Intelligently trigger arming reminders and events based on Geo-Fence settings and mobile phone location.

Sensor Activity Monitoring – Even when the security system is disarmed, receive email/text message notifications for non-alarm activity reported by sensors including: door, window, cabinet, motion, and other various sensors. (The module communicates ALL sensor and system activity that occurs 24/7 to’s Network Operations Centers, then sends customized notifications to selected recipients.)

Sensor-Left-Open – Receive email/text message notifications if a particular door, cabinet, or window sensor is left open for an extended period during specified time frames. Receive a Restoral Notification once the sensor is closed again.


Image Capture on Alarm – Capture motion activated images during system alarm events; up to 5 sets of images are automatically uploaded per event.

Interactive Gold (IG) - $29.99/mo

Includes all of the Interactive features, plus:

Customized Notifications

Unexpected Activity Alerts – Based on learned activity patterns, receive alerts whenever unexpected activity occurs.

Severe Weather Alerts – Available within the United States, receive alerts from the National Weather Service—directly on the security control panel screen—if there is an approaching tornado, tsunami or fire.

Weather to the Panel – Get current weather and up to 6-day weather forecasts displayed on the security control panel screen and keypads.

Identity Theft Protection – Receive proactive alerts of potential issues, as well as around the clock assistance and full identity restoration should a theft incident occur. (Only available in the U.S. only)

Energy Management and Automation

Lights – Send commands to turn lights on/off via web or mobile apps. Create automated light schedules to have specific lights turn on at certain times, for specified lengths of time. Create rules so a specific light turns on if a certain sensor is activated.

Locks – Remotely control door locks via web or mobile apps, see lock status (locked/unlocked) and receive email/text

message notifications when a lock is accessed by a specific user.

Thermostats – Remotely control thermostat(s) via web or mobile apps and easily create custom schedules to set temperatures based on time of day, day of week, activity patterns and the status of the security system to make properties run more efficiently.

Garage Door Control – Remotely manage and control garage doors via web or mobile apps. View garage door status, receive garage door alerts and close automatically when system is armed.

Water Management – Monitor and prevent water damage via the web. Check valve and water sensor status, remotely open and close valves, and receive alerts when water is detected by a sensor.

Irrigation Control – Remotely monitor and control Rain Bird or Rachio irrigation systems from the mobile app.

Audio Integration – Use the mobile app to control music and audio from the Legrand On-Q® Digital Audio System.

LiftMaster® Integration – Integration with any supported LiftMaster product.

Lutron® Integration – Integration with any supported Lutron product.


Image Capture on Disarm – Capture images during disarm events. Images can be uploaded to the image gallery.

Daily Views Rules – Create rules to upload and send motion activated images captured during a specific time period.

On-Demand Peek-In – Request system images on-demand to be uploaded immediately or upon next motion detection.

Additional Image Upload – Upload additional images that were captured by the sensors and not automatically uploaded, such as extra alarm, entry delay or disarm images.

Image Alerts – Receive email/text message image alerts on images captured during alarms, Daily Views, or Peek-In requests.

Interactive Gold with Video (IGV) - $39.99/mo

All of the interactive Gold features, plus:

Video Monitoring

Live Video Monitoring – View live video simultaneously via the online account and mobile apps. (If using Pan/Tilt cameras, remote Pan/Tilt controls are supported on the website and mobile apps.)

Customizable Video Clip Recording and Alerts – Create video recording settings based on security system events, video motion detection, time of day, lock status or Geo-Fence settings. Receive email/text message notifications, including optional video clip attachments for instant playback via web and mobile apps, whenever new video is recorded.

Video Clip Playback – Watch recorded video clips on the online account, as email/text message notification attachments, or via’s mobile apps.

Remote Video Storage – Video is stored via’s secure, hosted off-site server—no local PC or video server required. However, users can view and download stored video clips to a local computer. A video clip can also be protected from being overwritten by newer clips once the remote video storage limit has been reached. (1,000 clips of storage with 1,000 clips/month bandwidth)

Optional video features:

24/7 Recording – Enable support for the Stream Video Recorder (SVR) to continuously record from cameras on the local network.

Video Analytics – Person, vehicle, and animal alerts. Record video using advanced tripwires and activity zones. Alerts include a thumbnail image with a box around the detected object and detail about the object type (was it a person, vehicle, or animal). Requires a compatible camera.

Video Expansion Packs – Additional 5,000 clips of storage with 5,000 clips/month bandwidth, supporting up to 4 additional cameras.