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Protecting your Smart Home from Getting Hacked

The threat of hacking is one of the biggest concerns people have surrounding smart home technology.  There is a lot you can do to reduce this risk before, during, and after installation of your smart home devices.  Sublime Life Solutions can assist you with all of these stages in securing your smart home.


Before you buy...

When selecting new smart home devices, look for products recommended by professional installers.  These products are more likely to use encrypted wireless communication between the device and your hub/control panel, which will avoid simple signal interception hacks.  They are also more likely to receive software and firmware updates to patch any vulnerabilities that are discovered after installation.

During installation...

Install your new smart home devices securely to avoid physical tampering.  This is especially important for any outdoor security equipment like cameras and video doorbells that could be compromised without entering the home.  Opt for professional installation if you aren't confident in your own setup skills.

After installation...

Securing your home doesn't stop after installing smart home security hardware.  You must remain vigilant by using secure passwords for any apps that integrate with your hardware, and securing your home network from malware attacks. 

Secure passwords

Passwords are made more secure by using a mixture of characters (letters, numbers, and special characters), not reusing passwords on multiple accounts, and using longer passwords (the longer the password, the more difficult it is to crack).  Most individuals groan at the thought of coming up with and remembering unique passwords for all of their accounts, but it doesn't have to be a daunting chore.  Password managers, like LastPass, eliminate the headache of creating and recalling the unique passwords for all of your accounts.  With a password manager you only need to recall 1 complex password to access all of the secure passwords needed for your secure digital life, including digital access to your Smart Home devices.  Password managers also help avoid phishing attempts by matching logins to proper website address (e.g.. not entering your login credentials at

Secure Home Networks

The hardware on your home network also needs to be secured.  One of the most essential steps in securing your home network is to change the password and default network name on your home router.  This can be difficult with the all-in-one modems and routers provided by the cable company, so it is best to have your own router that you can update and replace as wireless technology advances.  Many standalone routers also have built in firewalls that help to hide your networked devices from prying eyes on the internet.

Bottom line...

Sublime Life Solutions can help you choose reliable smart home technology products, perform the installation, and provide the post-installation service to ensure you maximize your own layers of security with strong passwords and secure home networks.