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Scenes finally come to SmartThings

Scenes S8.png

Set your Scenes

The newest SmartThings App feature is the introduction of scenes. Now you can define reusable light settings that control multiple lights.

What makes Scenes different than Routines?

Event driven Routines that can control multiple lights and switches have been around for years on SmartThings, but there has never been a way within the standard SmartThings app to create reusable lighting combinations.  Scenes save the on/off status, dimming level, and/or color of multiple lights with a single virtual button that multiple event driven routines could trigger.

What's the big deal?

The use of Scenes can greatly simplify your Routines setup by creating consistent combinations used by multiple events.  No more re-programming the same lighting and switch combinations triggered by different events (e.g. turning off all the lights when going to bed or leaving the house).