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Sonos Speakers as your Alexa default playback speaker

Sonos speakers are already among the best whole home audio speakers you can buy, and now a new update is bringing better Sonos integration with the Amazon Alexa Assistant ecosystem. Now you can create Alexa Groups that include your Sonos speakers! This allows easier, more natural voice commands to control your all of your Sonos home audio.

Alexa Groups can be physical rooms (e.g. bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc) or virtual rooms representing a section of the home (e.g. 1st floor) or all devices of a particular type (e.g. all lights)

Highlights and Features:

Set up Alexa Groups with Sonos speakers as the “Preferred Speaker”

Configured this way, you'll be able to talk to the microphone enabled device that runs the group and have it perform actions using your Preferred Speaker(s) without needing to name them.

For example, create a “Kitchen” Alexa Group that includes the Amazon Alexa device(s), Sonos speaker(s), and kitchen lights.

Commands implied to the Alexa Group if not explicitly stated

"Alexa, play some music," will have the music start playing on all Sonos speakers that are selected as your preferred speaker within the Alexa Group your device is in. You can also adjust the volume without having to name a room, so long as you're speaking to the microphone enabled device set up in that Alexa Group. "Alexa, turn it down/up," is all you'll need to say to adjust the volume on the Preferred Speaker.

Smarter volume lowering with Alexa Groups when you wake Alexa

Saying "Alexa" to any Alexa enabled device with a microphone will only lower the volume of speakers in the same Alexa Group. In the Kitchen example, only the preferred speakers selected in the “Kitchen” Alexa Group would lower in volume after the assistant hears the wake word.

Every Echo device you have will need to be in an Alexa Group to take advantage of this fully. Echo devices not part of any Alexa Group will still make all Sonos players drop in volume.

Group Sonos Speakers using Alexa Groups

Using Alexa Groups will cause Sonos players to group together. If you have an Alexa Group created already in the Alexa App, calling out for it to play music will group all Sonos speakers that have been selected as the “Preferred Speaker” for that Alexa Group and will play what you've requested.

If you only ask for one Sonos room to play music by name, just that room will play music.

Setting up Alexa Smart Home Device Groups:

Using the Alexa app:

  1. Go into the Devices tab (last one on the right) and select the + at the top to make an Alexa group.

  2. Assign the group a name, an Alexa-enabled device, and then the other smart home devices that are part of the group, including Sonos speakers.

  3. Once the group is made, tap on it from the main Devices page to set your Sonos speakers in it to be Preferred Speakers. 

Please note, microphone enabled Sonos speakers (the Sonos One and Beam) can only be in one Alexa Group at one time for now, but the non-microphone enabled ones can be in multiple groups.

For more details, check out this Amazon Help article, or the Sonos support page.