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New Sonos integration for SmartThings users

Sonos Speakers.png

Sonos is now officially supported by SmartThings. The new official integration promises an improved experience with audio notifications on Sonos speakers and local execution for a faster and more stable connection.

The legacy cloud-based Sonos integration will be deprecated after October 17, 2019. Existing SmartThings users with Sonos integration will automatically update to the new Sonos+SmartThings Integration after October 17th. This automatic update may disrupt existing SmartThings SmartApps or Automations using your Sonos speakers.

Contact our Smart Home Automation architects for assistance with your Sonos + SmartThings integration update, or to add new Sonos automations to your existing SmartThings system.

If you would like to update your SmartThings system to the new Sonos integration on your own, you can.

  • Remove and reintegrate your Sonos speakers, which will require rebuilding any automations using your Sonos speakers.

  1. Remove the speakers from SmartThings.

  2. Reconnect your Sonos Speakers using the new SmartThings app.

  3. Update any existing SmartApps or Automations that control your Sonos speakers.

  • To preserve existing automations with Sonos speakers, update your Sonos device Type with the SmartThings Developer portal.

  1. Sign in to the SmartThings developer portal at

  2. Select your SmartThings Location > My Devices tab

  3. For each Sonos Speaker integrated:

    1. Select the speaker > Edit (button at the bottom of device info page)

    2. Under device Type dropdown list select LAN Sonos Player Websocket

    3. Then click the Update button.